Massage the feet, keeping them dry, warm and fragrant. Preventing flu, colds, and rheumatism. Alternating, warming acupuncture points of the feet


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– Absorbing moisture in shoes and socks, removing foot odor.

– Killing fungi, bacteria in shoes

– Keeping your feet dry, warm, smooth and fragrant. Preventing flu, colds, and rheumatism.

– Alternating and warming acupuncture points in the soles of the feet.

– People with diarrhea should use it regularly.

(this is a product of the Huong Que premium insoles group)


– 2 layer net fabric

– 100% cotton fabric

– 100% natural cinnamon powder

– Moisture absorbing paper

– Black non-woven fabric

– Hemmed with brocade


How to use

– Put all pairs of insoles into shoes.

– The insoles size is the same with your shoe size

– After every 5-7 days of using, dry under the sun or with a dryer.

– Use within 3 months.

Size: full sizes from size 34 – 46.

Colors: black, brown.


– Packed in white PP bag, paper label with full information of Huong Que insoles.

– Product bar code number 8936018450020

– The manufacturer’s packaging is customized to the order

+ Cardboard box size: 34 x35 60 cm (or according to orders)

+ Number of pairs of insoles/box: 200-240 pairs/box (depending on size or type of insoles)

+ Weight: 10-12 pairs/1kg (including labels and cardboard box)

+ Full container: 375 cardboard boxes

+ Retail packing: 1 block = 12 cardboard boxes about 2,400 – 2,880 pairs of insoles

+ HS code number: 640649000

+ Required documents before export: plant quarantine (phytosanitary certificate)

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Please refer to the product Que insoles at HuongQue Insoles

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Tem xác thực nguồn gốc Quế Trà My – Quảng Nam của cty Hương Quế

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