Huong Que Slippers is the perfect combination of fashion and natural medicinal ingredients into daily life. Straps made from floral printed cotton fabric. High quality rubber sole, not sagging, not slippery. High-quality sole according to woman preferences.

dep da thoi trang huong que 1

With soft fabric material, colorful flower straps create fresh spring colors following every step. In addition, Huong Que slippers are committed to bring more effects to your feet. Stylish Leather Slippers have the newest designs compared to the current slipper slippers.

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Slippers with all sizes from 35-45 for customers. Huong Que is very interested in producing many types of beautiful slipper, particularly durable and trendy.

Dep da thoi trang DDTT-15 10

tem xac thuc que Tra My

Tem xác thực nguồn gốc Quế Trà My – Quảng Nam của cty Hương Quế

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