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General introduction

General introduction

Company name: Huong Que Import Export Trading Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Representative: Mr. Nguyen Xuan Son
Address: Group 11, Da Son Block, Hoa Khanh Nam Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City
Phone: 02363 737 078
Email :

Tra My Cinnamon

Tra My Cinnamon is a specialty of western Quang Nam, distributed in 11 communes and 01 village in Bac Tra My district with an area of ​​over 1,000 ha and also distributed in Phuoc Son and Tien Phuoc districts, etc. The soil properties give cinnamon trees with thick bark, sweet spicy taste, and high quality essential oils.

For a long time, cinnamon tree has been identified as a key economic tree and a long-term strategic industry of the province. The work of growing and selling cinnamon material is inseparable from the life of farmers. Cinnamon is also used as a forest tree. In addition to harvesting cinnamon bark, cinnamon wood plays an important role in the construction materials manufacturing and processing industry. With the support from the Ministry of Science and Technology, People’s Committee of Quang Nam Province, Department of Science and Technology of Quang Nam Province, People’s Committee of Nam Tra My and Bac Tra My has established a Geographical Indication profile for Tra My Cinnamon.

On October 13, 2011, the Bureau of Intellectual Property – Ministry of Science & Technology issued Decision No. 2293/QD-SHTT granting protection certificate of Geographical Indication for “Tra My cinnamon” products. In order to make Tra My cinnamon products more and more prestigious in the market, contributing to bring Tra My cinnamon products to develop in the era of industrialization – modernization and international economic integration.

Cinnamon is a precious herb of traditional medicine which is used extensively in Oriental medicine and Western medicine: it stimulates blood circulation, causes vasoconstriction, increases excretion, treats abdominal pain, and works as an antiseptic medicine and a spice. More specifically, Huong Que Company produces products with characteristic materials from Tra My – Quang Nam cinnamon which has many health benefits and are favored by many consumers.

About Huong Que

Born in Nghe An countryside, after changing his occupation, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Son – the current Director of Huong Que Company, went all over the country to do business. Once in Quang Nam Da Nang, he saw and tasted cinnamon bark in Tra My area. A spicy – aromatic – sweet taste which is totally different from other cinnamon. He thought that science – technology was developing rapidly to create modern products; therefore the natural products for daily use would be always in demand. So how do customers really get the good effects of Quang Nam cinnamon through commercial products? This was the idea, the motivation for him to participate in building and developing from a small private production facility into Huong Que Co., Ltd. in 2004 until now.

In the early days, when new products were born, Huong Que Company faced many difficulties in sales. With the determination and the hard work of the partners, Huong Que products are produced with dedication from the selection of input materials to production and supply to consumers.

Over the time, Huong Que insoles have been trusted by many customers. Huong Que also welcomed its first export order to Germany in August 2006 which was an important milestone of Huong Que’s products being distributed in foreign markets.

Among Huong Que products, insole is the most outstanding product. They are independently tested in Vietnam and Germany on the quality and standards to ensure human health and environmental friendliness. On average, Huong Que Company annually ships more than 1,000,000 pairs, consumes about 30 tons of raw cinnamon. Domestic market accounts for 65%, with products being distributed into supermarket chains such as Big C, CityMart, Vinmart, Coop Mart, markets, and other retail markets. Export market accounts for 35%, to countries such as Germany, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, South Korea, Thailand, Japan and emerging markets in South America such as Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

In order to satisfy the market demand, Huong Que produces more premium insoles such as 1-layer mesh insoles, 2-layer premium mesh insoles, velvet insoles, spandex insoles to insoles with natural materials such as coconut fiber, jute fiber. Since 2015, winter insoles have been available in the cold-climate markets and military fabric insoles for men have been used by many consumers.

Huong Que Premium belt gives customers true effectiveness. Huong Que has started to focus on developing and investing more in some products such as fabric slippers, sedge slippers, home slippers and hotel slippers since 2013.

Huong Que ensures sustainable quality manufacturing process with some criteria such as strict quality control of input materials – proper production processes – timely services. As a consequence, Huong Que is confidently supplying its products to Vietnam supermarkets and international retailers in Vietnam as well as some emerging foreign retail systems, drug stores and Footcare chain.

The Company achievements are the results of collaborative efforts of Huong Que employees, the distribution system and especially the cinnamon farmers.

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