Herbal Cinnamon mattress topper are produced from Tra My, Quang Nam cinnamon and other herbs, etc. which are eco-friendly and safe to people.

Medical science. Especially Dong Y Traditional has affirmed that cinnamon is very good for health. Especially, Tra My, Quang Nam cinnamon is one of 4 precious medicinal herbs (Ginseng, Deer Antler, Cinnamon and Aconitum Root) which can be used to reduce fat and lower blood sugar level, circulate and clear meridians, good for digestion. A rather complete scientific study with the help of the East Yung Thanh steps with the spirit of marketing, human-centered, and perspective: Building a brand must first build quality products Prestigious, entrepreneurial corporate culture.

– Herbal mattress topper are produced from Tra My, Quang Nam cinnamon and other herbs, etc. which are eco-friendly and safe to people.

– Getting older may bring poor blood circulation, headache, dizziness, numbness and insomnia. Use herbal mattress to increase blood circulation in the back and the whole body, healthy people quickly, gradually reduce aches and pains in the back and shoulder area.

– Middle-aged men and women usually have back pain, use herbal mattress topper will help to increase energy and health quickly and create a charming bedroom.

– Herbal mattress topper has different sizes and colors (1.5 x 2m), (1.6 x 2m), (1.8 x 2m), etc.


– Spread the herbal mattress topper on top of the mattress, tie the elastic bands in the four corners then spread a sheet onto the herbal mattress topper. Do not directly lie on the herbal mattress topper without the bed sheet.

– Do not wash.

– To increase effectiveness, dry it under the sun or with a dryer after 20-30 days.

– Using a brush and butyl acetate for cleaning the herbal mattress topper then dry it under the sun.


– Increase blood circulation all over the body, increase energy, vitality and health, reduce pain, relieve aches and pains in the spine, shoulder area. Warm, fragrant bedroom.

– Anti-moisture mold, reduce insects in the bedroom.

– Prevent colds, flu, respiratory disease.


– Elderly. Especially people suffering from degenerative spondylosis, neck vertebrae, sciatica aches should use Cinnamon mattress topper regularly.


– 100% cotton yarn fabric, with various pattern colors.

– 4D cotton wool

– Synthetic herbal powder (Cinnamon – Ginger – Pentagon – Tinospora sinensis, etc.).

– Japanese non-woven fabric


– 100% natural ingredients without preservatives, friendly to human health

– Do not use electricity so absolutely SAFE, SAVE, DO NOT DO DRY DA



– Herbal mattress is produced from the main ingredient of Tra My cinnamon powder, ginger powder and other herbs, etc.

– Cinnamon is an herb, therefore in humid weather, especially in the monsoon season, it is necessary to store the herbal mattress topper in a dry place. After using 20-30 days, dry it under the sun or with a dyer.

– Dry the herbal mattress topper under the sun or with a dryer then wrap it in a sealed plastic bag, pack it into the product bag and store in a dry place for it to avoid getting moldy when not in use.


1.5 x 1.9 meters

1.6 x 2  meters

1.8 x 2  meters

2   x 2.1 meters

In addition to the above dimensions, customers can order specific sizes different from the company’s standard sizes, such as with the width of above 2 meters.

tem xac thuc que Tra My

Tem xác thực nguồn gốc Quế Trà My – Quảng Nam của cty Hương Quế

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