Huong Que Mat Slippers are beautiful handcrafted products. Raw materials are completely natural and environmentally friendly (cinnamon powder, mat fiber, jute, etc…)

Huong Que mat slippers are beautiful handcrafted product. Raw materials are completely natural, environmentally friendly (cinnamon powder, mat fiber, jute, etc…). Made 100% in Vietnam, suitable to wear at home, in the office and during travelling.

Straps is made of silk, cotton or other fabric and decorated with beads, or pretty bows on floral print material of spring season, make the woman feet look more beautiful. Men’s slippers with tight straps will bring a healthy and elegant look.



The rubber sole and the mat surface are soft, naturally in direct contact with the skin of the feet. These materials help Huong Que slippers to be very light, but they are not broken so quickly. In contrast, Huong Que slippers are very durable and comfortable to walk.

Especially in Huong Que slippers, it is a layer of pure cinnamon powder located just below the mat, radiating warmth, a light fragrance that helps stimulate acupuncture points in the soles of the feet, giving the feet a fragrant, cool and dry appearance. No foot odor – no worries when wearing slippers.

Mat Slippers with all sizes from 35-45 for customers. Huong Que is very interested in producing many types of beautiful slippers, especially durable and trendy.



tem xac thuc que Tra My

Tem xác thực nguồn gốc Quế Trà My – Quảng Nam của cty Hương Quế

tem hợp quy

Sản phẩm đạt tiêu chuẩn hợp quy theo quy định của Bộ Công Thương

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