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Therefore, cinnamon is ranked third in four precious medicinal herbs: Ginseng, Deer Antler, Cinnamon and Aconitum Root. But how do people benefit from this precious nature produces?

Natural therapy is recommended

From traditional medicine to daily life, it is confirmed that cinnamon has many effects in health care and beauty. Therefore, cinnamon is ranked third in four precious medicinal herbs: Ginseng, Deer Antler, Cinnamon and Aconitum Root. But how do people benefit from the precious produce of nature?

With the participation of a number of medical professionals, experienced in health care and beauty. Huong Que premium belly belt has met the above criteria and become trusted by customers. The product does not contain any chemical or flavoring ingredients. Products are produced from green materials from skillful hands of Huong Que workers.

Product structure:

– 100% raw material is herbal powder. Tra My forest – Quang Nam cinnamon is over 30 years old. This type of cinnamon has the best essential oil quality, was known as “Premium cinnamon pearl” and the highland old ginger powder. This effective combination is a professional secret of Huong Que to create product effectiveness.

– 100% elastic cotton spandex with good elasticity, bringing soft and comfortable feeling.

– 100% cotton cloth hygroscopic is cross into a shuttle shape

– Only durable sewing, seams are beautiful.

– Sturdy belt, not folded and torn during uses.

– On the spun yarn, there are flaky fibers – spikes so that customers can adjust the corsets to match their waist.

– The back belt has the size for customers to choose according to their waistline:

Size S:       70 cm – 82 cm;

Size M:      83 cm – 86 cm;

Size L:       87 cm – 92 cm;

Size XL:    93 cm – 100 cm;


The difference in the structure between Huong Que premium back belt and premium belly belt is Huong Que premium back belt has a herbal pad on the back that directly impacts the back of the user.


– Gradually remove excess fat, stop excess fat from regenerating, shrink waistline, firm abdomen, make beautiful body shape.

– Stretch and smooth the belly skin for a slender, slimmer body

– Keep warm and create a mild fragrance for the body.

– Prevention of gastrointestinal disorders, very effective for obese people and postpartum women

In addition to the above effects, Huong Que premium back belt helps prevent back pain. Especially effective in preventing and curing winter diseases as well as back and joint bone diseases. A precious gift for you to drive, office, work standing or sitting a lot.



Instructions for using Huong Que premium back belt from the manufacturer:

1. Before wearing the back belt, the belly skin of the back must be clean and without sweat.

2. First time use: do not apply directly on the belly skin but wear it through a layer of underwear or a cloth, a thin towel. Use about 15 minutes/1 time and twice a day, each time 6 hours apart, for 8-10 days. When the body is not allergic to any component of cinnamon, use as the following instructions:

– Wear 4-6 hours a day at the appropriate time, preferably at cool temperature. Postpartum women should use the belt 2 hours/day, after 2 months of using, start using the belt 3 hours/day, and avoid wearing the belt too tight. Remove the belt while breastfeeding.

– After using for 3-4 days, wash the cover of the belt and dry it under the sun or iron it.

– After using for about 4-5 days, take herbal pad out of the back belt and dry it under the sun or use a dryer to remove the sweat and excess fat absorbed in the herbal pad. After 3 months of use, replace the current herbal pad with a new one, then you will have a like-new premium Huong Que back belt with full features and effects.

– Customers can wear Huong Que back belt at home, while playing sports and at workplaces.



–  Pregnant women must not use.

–   Women who give normal births should only use after 1 month and give caesarean birth should use after 1.5 months.



–  Each of Huong Que premium back belt is packed in a printed box full of information about the product.

–  Enclosed with the packaging is the convenient instruction manual for customers.

Advice to customers:

Currently, the market has appeared fake products with the same product design of Huong Que packaging.

There are some identification points of Huong Que authentic products as follows:

–  The manufacturer’s information is printed on product label:

Group 11, Da Son Block, Hoa Khanh Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City
Tel : (0511) 3737 078 – Fax: (0511) 3737 088

Product bar code number: 8936018450402

–  Huong Que Premium belly belt made by Huong Que Company does not sell with cinnamon essential oil or any other products attached. For more information, please contact Huong Que.

tem xac thuc que Tra My

Tem xác thực nguồn gốc Quế Trà My – Quảng Nam của cty Hương Quế

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